Hi, I’m Cyon.

I preach. I teach. I write. I homeschool.
Only one of these things did I actually PLAN on doing. Gold star for you if you can figure out which one.
One of these things, I swore I’d never do.
One I didn’t even know I could.
One I thought wasn’t realistic.
And yet here I am. Getting the incredible honor of pouring myself into all these things-incredibly imperfectly and occasionally unwillingly.

This is the space where I put it all out there. Because I love people. I’m an extravert and an external processor, and I believe that pretty much everything is done best in community. We are a family of 5 with a dining table that seats 12-because I believe in always having room for more. I believe in open doors, open hearts, extra seats at the table, authenticity, learning, and asking good questions.

My lines are often blurred and tangled.
I can’t always tell where pastoring ends and parenting begins. (Or vice versa.)
I’m not always certain whether I’m writing a book, blog, or sermon.
Sometimes I don’t know if my driving force is the teacher in me or the activist in me.
I’m constantly learning-
About being a women who leads, a pastor, a parent, a homeschooler, a writer, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter.
About what’s going on in the world around me and what my role is in all of it.

I’ve been married to my best friend since 2008 which has yielded (among other adventures) 3 incredible children. Our journey has been a blessed one, and we’ve only just begun. After dating in college, being separated for 2 years, and then being reunited for just a few short weeks- I took a job offer where he was stationed with the USMC, sold most of what I owned, packed the rest, booked a ticket, and left Michigan to head to sunny Cali…looking back I probably should have asked him first! Two months later we were married. And things haven’t slowed down since…

I could not do what I do without my husband being who he is.

I followed the rules and fulfilled expectations for 25 years, and then God got ahold of me and said “Sweetheart, let me introduce you to freedom.” After spending a few years teaching high school (my plan), God brought us to Hampton, Virginia where He began to reveal to us HIS plan.

I’ve been in ministry, and the process of “being transformed by renewing my mind”, since 2010. And its been an adventure ever since.
I joined the staff of Freedom Life Church in 2010 and was ordained as a pastor in 2014.
I left my staff position at our church at the end of 2016 to follow God in the next great leg of the journey He had planned for us, and we’re still getting to discover new bits of what that looks like each day.

I believe in….
Loving God and loving people.
Making your spouse your BFF.
Training up my kids to be disciples of Jesus.
Actively working to end systemic racism, sexism, ageism, and every other oppressive, dividing factor that exists in our world.
Date nights.
Laughing at yourself. A lot.

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I’m glad you pulled up a seat…stay a while.