I’m glad you’re here! And you truly are…welcome, that is. You’re welcome here just as you are, where you are. You are welcome to join me on the journey. You are welcome to question, struggle, try, fail, dream big, be bold, find your voice, and not have to apologize for any of it.

This is the space where I get to share my heart and leave my mark.
I’m a leader, pastor, preacher, writer, homeschooler, wife, mom, and recovering perfectionist. (Although this describes what I do…not who I am.) Who I am is someone who’s been on the journey of discovering grace and identity, learning to LEAD, LIVE, and LOVE like Jesus.

So if you’re ok with uncertainty, mistakes, and uncomfortable authenticity-I’m glad you’re here! Because we need each other. We need each other’s stories, experience, wisdom, encouragement, challenge, perspective, and love. I’m glad you pulled up a seat. I hope you’ll stay a while.


Hi, I’m Cyon.

I preach. I teach. I write. I homeschool.
Only one of these things did I actually PLAN on doing. Gold star for you if you can figure out which one.
One of these things, I swore I’d never do.
One I didn’t even know I could.
One I thought wasn’t realistic.
And yet here I am. Getting the incredible honor of pouring myself into all these things-incredibly imperfectly and occasionally unwillingly.

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